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Trapezist MK2

Portable Traveling Mini Jib


Trapezist mk2 is an upgraded version from the previous model in 2013 with additional functions and features.


Trapezist is a portable mini jib that allows photographer to create dynamic footage with multi-angle camera movements. Simple set up and operation that only require one person involve. With a maximum extension to 210 centimeter, this portable mini jib can also be as small as just 75 centimeter long when traveling. Trapezist connects to camera with a quick release plate that could attach directly via ¼ or 3/8 thread screw. With an adaptor, a 75mm or 100mm bowl fluid head can attach to Transpotta in just a minute.

from USD$299

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*This is a carbon-fiber version

An Essential tool for Blackmagic Camera

The best solution for simple and smooth camera movement with compact cameras like Blackmagic cameras and DSLR.

Main features of Trapezist MK 2


Multi Mounting System (MMS) -Available to switch between flat base (3/8" screw thread) and 75mm bowl head adaptor. MMS provides you the maximum flexibility in the choice of supporting head.

Quick Release System (QRS)– A simple slide and lock system between camera and Trapezist. When time is cost, this little device gives a great effort of saving time.

Friction Control (FRC) -Knobs at each joint to provide a perfect friction control to optimize the balance and control of the jib with your own camera set up.

Anti Twisted Lock (ATL)– A locking system of the tubes on our latest jib and tripod that avoid the tubes self-twisting after loaded. This help securing the equipment.

Different MaterialTrapezist has two version, made by Aluminum Alloy or Carbon Fiber.  Giving a choice between cost effective and light weight.


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Leg Diameter



3.54kg (carbon fiber)

4 kg (Aluminum)





Package Included

Transpotta Mini Jib

-Quick release plate

-75mm/100mm bowl adaptor

-Panning base

-2 pcs counter weight (1000 g each)

-Travel bag





from USD$299

Buy a Trapezist now
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*This is a Aluminum version